ICO token sale: An insight into ICO predictions for 2019

What does 2019 have in store for Initial Coin Offering?

Given that ICOs are a great way to raise funds, and that more than $20 billion have been raised through ICO since 2017, ICOs have really taken the world by storm. The monetary benefits offered by ICOs are not only for the entrepreneurs, but also for the people investing in ICO projects. As ICOs follow the limited supply-demand principle, cryptocoins gain value in the future, and the investors are able to make considerable ROI.

The stats show that ICOs have been successful in the past, but what can you expect from ICO token sale ventures in 2019?

Here are a few predictions about ICOs for 2019.

Big businesses and ICOs

Indubitably, ICOs enable startups to raise funds quickly and easily. Will big businesses, too, start embracing ICOs as a solution to raise funds for their new projects?

Most likely! As blockchain technology is becoming widely adopted, and even government agencies have started to adopt blockchain-based solutions to provide better solutions, it would not be wrong to think that more and more big businesses will see ICO as a fund-raising endeavor.

Decentralized exchanges will be better

It has not been long enough that people started to embrace the concept of decentralization. It would not be wrong to say that decentralization is in its nascent stage. Thus, there are certain problems, like transaction limits and functionality, that are affecting the performance of decentralized crypto exchange platforms.

However, it is expected that these problems will start to work themselves out in 2019. Decentralized exchanges will start showing a better performance, and it will become easier, quicker and safer for potential investors to put their money into the best upcoming ICO.

A solution to scalability

The cryptocurrency industry has been finding a solution to scalability issue for a considerable time. It is believed that the industry is very close to finding that solution, and the solution will be presented to people in 2019.

If that turns out to be true, and if a workable solution to scalability is rolled out, the entire industry, including ICO, will receive a boost.

Due diligence is here to stay

Raising money for an ICO is similar to raising money for a conventional startup. Investors ask companies launching their ICOs the same questions that they used to ask startup entrepreneurs. When ICO promoters pitch to enterprise minded stakeholders, they need to make sure that they have a well-structured business plan in place. Although whitepaper is good, ICOs need to come up with a credible go to market strategy. A Minimum Viable Product or a Proof of Concept that represents the fundamental functionalities is a good idea.

There was a time when no due diligence was made, however, with people becoming more aware of the industry, ICO token sale projects will go through due diligence.

A new set of possibilities

Earlier, all ICOs were public. The tokens were listed on the public Ethereum ledger and the majority tokens were sold to the crowd. Today, however, the scenario has changed. Although majority ICOs are still happening on the public Ethereum ledger, most of the tokens are sold to private investors; such projects try to reach their soft cap during the private sale.

The trend of private token sale will continue to dominate the ICO market. In addition, another interesting trend that will be seen is where all the tokens are sold to private investors.

Final words

ICO market in the end of 2018 was better than it was in the end of 2017. As enterprise and crowd money get smarter, ICOs are believed to get better in 2019. However, startup founders and ICO marketers need to create a credible story as well as a convincing product to pitch it to the right stakeholders and to get the desired funding.

Cryptoxygen is one such trustworthy project that vows to offer better cryptocurrency trading solutions to its users. It offers blockchain-based exchange and wallet to allow its users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies safely and easily. Its ERC20 based token provides its users with benefits like lower trading fees and access to membership programs.

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