Cryptoxygen: A blockchain-based ecosystem to revolutionize crypto trading

Cryptocurrency trading has taken the world by storm. People across the globe are putting their money into different cryptocurrencies, and are looking for the best ICO to invest, with an intend to make huge profits. The increasing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrency trading has led to the increase in demand of reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms that allow secure and easy trading.

Cryptoxygen is a blockchain-based ecosystem that only aims to be a secure and user-friendly crypto trading platform, but we vow to provide our users with the most complete and advanced solutions for better trading. Cryptoxygen ecosystem consist of the following:

Cryptoxygen exchange

Unlike most exchange platforms that do not support fiat-crypto exchange, Cryptoxygen exchange allows both crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto trades. The fiat-crypto exchange will make it easy and cost-efficient to convert fiat currencies, such as Dollars, Pounds and Euros to cryptocurrencies, and vice versa. TUSD, Tether and EUR will be integrated for flexibility, easy conversion and confirmation.

On the other hand, crypto-crypto exchange will allow the users to trade multiple currencies, as almost all existing cryptocurrencies will be tradable on it. Speed of transactions is also optimized at this arena with a smart matching engine that beats latency limitations.

To level up the security, Cryptoxygen exchange is integrated with Google 2-factor authentication and SMS authentication. In addition, the platform uses a third party payment processor for all fiat transactions, to stay ahead of fraud and prevent problems before they occur.

Cryptoxygen mobile wallet

The secure Cryptoxygen mobile wallet will allow our users to store cryptocurrencies and pay them to anyone across the globe, while ensuring the highest level of security. Our wallet comes with a QR code that can be easily scanned to get the address quickly and accurately.

The process to send or receive cryptocurrencies will be initiated after the users verify their identities by completing biometric authentication process. This provides high security against cyber attacks. Whether you send or receive cryptocurrencies, Cryptoxygen will allow real-time tracking of transactions.

Cryptoxygen token

Cryptoxygen’s OXY2 token is based on Ethereum and developed on ERC20 platform. It is a utility token that will offer special services and advantages to our users. The OXY2 token will be available for ICO token sale in 3 phases. Each phase will last for 20 days and offer a predefined bonus to users.

Cryptoxygen solutions

In a bid to simplify cryptocurrency trading for both beginners and experienced crypto traders, to help them enjoy their stay and earnings, we have taken out time to provide training services for all users at all levels through the following:

  • Practice ad-on

New merchants, consumers, tech developers, investors, financial institutions and regulators can now practice with an add-on that gives an experience of the crypto market in real-time.

  • Online crypto trading courses

Online detailed courses will be provided to those who want an extensive knowledge of the crypto trading platform principles, strategies and lots more. This will be arranged, based on the level of expertise and relational objectives.

  • Social trading

For the first time in the crypto economy, new users can follow experienced and successful users on the platform. Most interestingly, new users can copy the trading pattern of experts, so as to start earning more in less time.

  • Customer relation management

Cryptoxygen Account Management and Safety sub-system will allow the users of our platform to enjoy 24/7 online support via email, custom online chat, WhatsApp, Skype and lots more. The focus is to provide prompt responses to requests, gather experience data and manage users. It is all about KYC (Know Your Customer) and experience management.

With all these offering and solutions, Cryptoxygen is a complete and secure platform to buy, sell and store crypto tokens while ensuring lower trading fees, simplicity and quick transactions. It is all set to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading through its state-of-the-art solutions.

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